Spinach, Cucumber, Berries, Banana

Spinach This is a very nutrient-dense food. It’s low in calories yet very high in vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients. When you consume this healthy food, you don’t need to worry about your… Continue reading

Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Clean Produce

I’ve seen a post on Instagram before suggesting that aside from the normal way we wash or fruits and vegetables, that is washing them through running water, we should soak all our fruits… Continue reading

Jump Rope Workout

I bought a speed rope a year and a half ago but never did I start skipping. Lazy, yes I knooooow! My sister has been doing it though ad she’s been pretty good… Continue reading

Meal Prep: Week 2 – Chicken in Barbecue sauce, Cauliflower, Mixed Veggies, Broccoli, Red Rice

Ingredients: Chicken Breast fillet Php 184.00 Cauliflower Php 40.61 Mixed Veggies Php 110.76 Broccoli Php 96.75 Red Rice Php 47.50 Directions: 1. Slice chicken into small parts. Marinade in calamansi and barbecue sauce.… Continue reading

Steps: July 5, 2014

There’s good in going to the mall. 😛

Steps: July 4, 2014

Steps: July 3, 2014

Meal Prep: Red Fried Rice + Broccoli + Pork Adobo

I still get a little hungry when I get home (must be PMS-ing) aaaand I wanted to bring adobo to work so i decided to add another meal to my day today. Ingredients:… Continue reading

Steps: July 2, 2014

Steps: July 1, 2014

Didn’t walk much today. Boo.