Chicken, Broccoli and Mushroom Stir-fry

First you have to marinade the chicken in teryaki sauce and calamansi (lemon) for 20 minutes or more. You can use that 20 minutes to fold clothes or like what I did, I… Continue reading

Kickin’ and Caramelized Chicken Recipes

I found two new chicken recipes online and I’ve recently tried making them. The first one is called Kickin’ Chicken. I used garlic, Sriracha hot sauce, EVOO, and calamansi. I’m quite poor with… Continue reading

First Time Baking: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips Protein Cookies

Jullius has been telling me to make protein cookies (or any pastry we can include protein powder into) so that we have something else to munch on after working out aside from just… Continue reading

Attempt to Clean Eating Day 5: Stir Fry Turkey and Sweet Potatoes

Last day before NYE! Another festive cheat day coming up! 😋😂 Before that, here’s another attempt to clean eating. Peel, slice, boil sweet potatoes. I sliced left over Roasted Turkey breasts into smaller… Continue reading

Attempt to Clean Eating Day 4: Sweet Potatoes, Chicken, Salad, and Mixed Berries

Just two days before Christmas and hopefully these two days will be filled with clean eats before we go on full blown cheat days during the holidays. 😂 Anyway, here’s what I did… Continue reading

Attempt to Clean Eating Day 3: Cauliflower Fried Rice and Chicken Teriyaki

Instead of brown rice, I used cauliflower as a substitute. First, grind the cauliflowers using a blender or a food processor. After a few pulses on your blender or food processor, you should… Continue reading

Attempt to Clean Eating Day 2: Brown Rice, Mixed Veggies, Pan-fried Chicken

I had left over brown rice and quinoa from yesterday so I divided it into two containers. For the veggies, I sliced cauliflowers, green beans, snow peas, and frozen mixed veggies. I sprinkled… Continue reading

Attempt to Clean Eating Day 1: Preparing Hunny’s Baon

We’ve been going to the gym regularly but we need heaps of working it out in the kitchen. We eat a lot outside during date nights and sometimes we even order Korean Barbecue… Continue reading

Meal Prep for BFF

So, its been a while since I’ve done meal preps for a week. My bestfriend had been asking me to make her one. Glad that she’s taking the step to live healthy (and… Continue reading

Cucumber, Carrots, Berries

To show how supportive she is, one of our Aunts gave us her Ninja. This could pass as the real Fruit Ninja since it really slices up the fruits. I blended carrots, cucumber,… Continue reading