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Lychee, Strwberry, Passionfruit – Juice? Infused Water? Or Mocktail?

What’s the difference anyway, aye? Juice is the liquid contained in fruits and vegetables. Infusion is mainly extracting flavors from plants in a solvent such as water. This takes about 24 hours before… Continue reading

Cucumber, Carrots, Berries

To show how supportive she is, one of our Aunts gave us her Ninja. This could pass as the real Fruit Ninja since it really slices up the fruits. I blended carrots, cucumber,… Continue reading

Spinach, Cucumber, Berries, Banana

Spinach This is a very nutrient-dense food. It’s low in calories yet very high in vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients. When you consume this healthy food, you don’t need to worry about your… Continue reading

Juicing: Triple C vs Big C

Everyday, Papa buys veggies in the market for me to juice. Among his favorite juice ingredients are carrots, cucumber, and celery. He told me that these three veggies fight against cancer. I’m all… Continue reading