Spinach and Cheese Puzzle Puffs

So last week, I saw this article from Hills District Mums about activities for your less than 2-year olds. Intrigued, I called Little Kickers and inquired whether they have trial sessions and whether Cai can come and try. Since he’s less than 18 months, at present he can’t but Jeremy, the Managing Director (very pleasant and polite over the phone) has put him on the waiting list. ☺️ I also asked whether we can still come and watch just to get an idea of the activities. We came (though late) and saw little kids assisted by parents running through the floor and kicking goals. Cai was just watching. He clapped here and there. 😍 After watching, we went to get coffee and rolls. We bought spinach and cheese roll from Michelle’s Patisserie and Cai liked it so I thought I should make some at home. With a twist though, I’ll cut them out as puzzles (since I’ve been recently obsessed with My Munchbox)!

So I didn’t search for a recipe prior to getting ingredients from the shops. All I know was I needed Puff Pastry, spinach, and cheese (which we already have at home). So I only bought puff pastry and spinach. Came home and then searched for a recipe then silly me found out I needed Ricotta cheese and Parmesan! Lucky we have Parmesan left but no Ricotta. I said, “Meh, just do it.”

So I wilted the spinach in a pot and drained the juice out of them. Chopped them and cooked them with chopped onion. Mixed with parmesan and salt & pepper. Cut puff pastry into puzzles and filled them in. Sealed them with a fork. Froze them and cooked th next day! Voila!

Really enjoyed doing them and thank God, Cai likes them too! Actually, even Imogen liked it too she said so yes, happy Momma here. 😜😍

I made sure for the next batch I’ll have Ricotta cheese so I already bought a tub. I’ll make the next batch tonight! ☺️

P.S. Thanks Daddy Juls for taking care of Cai whilst I was doing all these 😘