Chin Chin

One of the places our research of Melbourne led us to discover is this humble Thai restaurant along Flinders Lane called Chin Chin.

When we got to Melbourne and met with Juls’s workmates who are local to the place, they’ve asked us what our plans are. We’ve mentioned going to Chin Chin and they have all given us astounding responses of the place. One even said, “Be there 5:30 PM the latest for dinner as the wait is crazy!” We can’t even book ahead as the place is strictly a walk-in restaurant (unless you’re a group of 8, then they can bend the rules a little).

Guess what? We went there for lunch instead!

Since we were going there with vegetarian friends, we called beforehand if they can accommodate their diet. Yes, they do. They have vegetarian options (not much though) and you can request any ingredients to be removed if you are allergic to any.


Here’s a view of the restaurant from the front.


When we got inside, I was just mind-blown! The place was really nice! There’s lots of graphic designs on the wall and the ambiance was just…soothing but not as comforting as a massage place would be like. It’s more like vibrant and energetic and at the same time dreamy. Can’t explain much. The only thing I can think of was that I was mind-blown!


The bar.

Art on the wall.

If you’re keen on having a copy of all their recipes, grab one of their cookbooks on your way out!

Chin Chin Cookbook sold at $49.

The menu was overwhelming! There were lots of variations to choose from – you’d feel like ordering them all!

I couldn’t find a copy of their menu on the website so I reckon I’d post one here.

We ordered three dishes (one special fried rice and two main dishes). How hungry are we, hey!

Chin Chin Egg Fried Rice

This is really yummy. If we didn’t order anymore dishes, this would have been good on its own! It’s got pineapples, snake beans, cashews, and chili lime soy sauce. The price was reasonable at $18.50.


Chin Chin Egg Fried Rice

Crispy Skinned Roast Duck

One of Juls’s workmates suggested we try the duck. We just couldn’t remember if it was the red duck or the roasted duck so we asked the server at Chin Chin which was more popular and she said this was. It had cucumber, spring onion, and orange nam jim jaew (I guess that’s what they call the sauce).

We asked that this be cooked well done as I’m pregnant and I can’t be eating anything not cooked through.

We really liked this one. Sweet and a bit sour at the same time. It really had a lot of flavour in it. A bit expensive though at $34.


Crispy Skinned Roast Duck

Scud City It’s Real Hot Jungle Curry

When they said it was spicy, we should have believed them!

Known as the second spiciest food on the menu (next to Isaan Style Crazy Hot BBQ Chicken).

It’s got hay braised pork shoulder, tumeric krachai & peanuts.

This one, I didn’t like that much as there was just too many flavour on the curry. But Juls liked this (as he’s always loved spicy food, anyway). Probably if we ordered the Isaan Style Crazy Hot BBQ Chicken, though it was known as the spiciest, we would have loved it more.

A bit expensive for $26.


Scud City

Thai Basil Seed

Lychee, thai seeds, basil leaves. This literally had just one lychee in it.  I ordered this one in the hopes of enjoying the sweetness of the lychee but nope, didn’t like it that much.

I reckon I wasted $5.50 on this.


Thai Basil Seed

The entire experience Chin Chin has given us was just a little above average. If probably, we stuck with just the duck and the fried rice, I’d be giving this restaurant at 5 star.

The bill totaled to almost a $100 which was a lot for two people. Our vegetarian friends left as they found very limited choices – fried rice, pad thai noodles, and a couple of cold salads.

In the end, Juls and I still liked Chin Chin and would still go back here to try other items on their menu.

After eating here, you can walk around and find Melbourne’s famous graffiti lanes. More of that in Melbourne: The City of Arts and Culture



Address: 125 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone:(03) 8663 2000
Hours: Open today · 11am–11pm
Facebook: Chin Chin Thai Restaurant
Instagram: @Chinchin
Rating: ★★★☆☆