Chilli Chicken with Seaweed and Red Quinoa Brown Rice

It’s been a while since I made packed lunch for me and Juls.

Last week, we met with some friends at Eastwood. The only reason why we ever go to Eastwood is to eat at our favorite Korean restaurants: Poong Nab Dag and Jean’s Kitchen. What I really love about Jean’s Kitchen apart from the chilli chicken is their seaweed rice. So last week, while walking from our car to Jean’s Kitchen, we passed by Korean grocery stores and guess what?

Yup! I bought some crispy seaweeds to  mix with rice.

My hands have been feeling stiff from working in the kitchen but I promised Juls that I’ll make him food so today I did.

I bought a kilo of chicken breast fillet cubes and marinated it in oyster sauce, sweet chilli sauce, chilli flakes, and cayenne pepper.

So… saute garlic, red onion, bell pepper, red chilli pepper, green chilli pepper, and chopped celeries.


Add chicken and let simmer until chicken is tender or the sauce has almost evaporated.


While that’s cooking, I mixed seaweed rice with my cooked brown rice and quinoa.


Add chopped parsley to cooked chilli chicken and let it simmer for a minute or two.

I tried copying Jean’s Chilli Chicken but failed as this looks nothing like Jean’s… but it’s okay! It’s not even cooked in Jean’s Kitchen! 😝

This is how my dish looked like.

Juls doesn’t know anything about this yet. Hope he likes it. 😊