Lychee, Strwberry, Passionfruit – Juice? Infused Water? Or Mocktail?

What’s the difference anyway, aye?

Juice is the liquid contained in fruits and vegetables. Infusion is mainly extracting flavors from plants in a solvent such as water. This takes about 24 hours before a mixture of plant and water is said to be infused. Mocktail is any mixed drink with no alcohol.

So tell me, after reading this, is this recipe a recipe of juice, infused water, or mocktail?

Ingredients include passionfruit, strawberries, and lychee.

Mash strawberries.  

Add passionfruits.


Then lychee with the syrup. It would be better if you use fresh lychees but if it’s not available, canned ones will do.


Mash, mix, and add water.

Cover with cling wrap and leave it in the fridge to cool. Consume next day.

I used this for hubby’s birthday but instead of water, I used white lemonade.

So what do you think? Juice? Infused Water? Or Mocktail?