Mashed Sweet Potato and Cordon Bleu with Zucchini Filling

I have been watching MasterChef everynight and got a little bit inspired cooking so for dinner tonight, I made cordon bleu with a little tweak. Instead of using bacon and cheese alone, I decided to add thin strips of zucchini.

I started off with boiling the sweet potatoes as I get the chickens ready.

So while that’s boiling, I started with peeling the zucchini. I recently bought a new peeler and they’re incredibly sharp so I was enjoying as I turned these

To these 

So that’s done. Set aside. For the chickens, I used chicken bread fillets. With a mallet, pound chicken to flatten.

Season witn salt and pepper on both sides. Arrange the zucchini strips on top until all the chicken is covered.

So I made three variations. One with just zucchini and cheese.

One with zucchini, cheese, and bacon.

And the last one with zucchini, cheese, bacon, and jalapeños (for the husband, of course😘😉).

Roll up and use toothpicks to lock the ends.

By this time, the sweet potatoes are ready. Drain and set aside.

Prepare oil in a pan. While that starts to heat up, prepare white flour, beaten eggs, seasoned breadcrumbs (just mix salt and pepper with breadcrumbs).

Roll the chicken into flour, egg, breadcrumbs and fry.


You can start with the mashed sweet potatoes as those get cooked.

Mix salt and butter with mashed sweet potatoes.


Add evaporated milk to make it creamier.

Mix and pour into your serving container. Garnish with parsley.

Once cooked, slice and plate the cordon bleu.

For the dip, mix sour cream, garlic, and parsley.


After dinner, we still had heaps left so… Here’s our packed lunches for tomorrow.