Jump Rope Workout

I bought a speed rope a year and a half ago but never did I start skipping. Lazy, yes I knooooow!

My sister has been doing it though ad she’s been pretty good at it so I decided to give it a try.

It was hard at first. I had to carry my own weight. My lower body part was heavy since I had big legs and butt. But I just kept doing it.

Today I beat my own record. I did 1500+ jumps. Yey! haha. I know it’s not much yet but I was happy! The only competition I have is with myself so going past my personal bests makes me happy. I do want to be able skip rope like Ellen Adarna. Maybe one day. 😉


Here’s the history of my jumps since I started.


The app is called Jump Rope Workout. Available on both Appstore and Playstore.