Meal Prep: Red Fried Rice + Broccoli + Pork Adobo

I still get a little hungry when I get home (must be PMS-ing) aaaand I wanted to bring adobo to work so i decided to add another meal to my day today.

100 grams Red Rice
100 grams Frozen Mixed Veggies
100 grams Broccoli
XXX grams of Adobo ๐Ÿ˜œ


1. Cook 100 grams (about 1 cup) of red rice in 2 cups water (red and brown rice should be soaked in water overnight before cooking but I didn’t so I used 2 1/2 cups of water).



Make sure it’s cooked according to your desired texture. Set aside.

2. Cut broccolis into smaller pieces. Wash then blanche for 5 minutes.


3. Spray extra virgin olive oil in pan. Cook mixed vegetables.


4. Add red rice and mix.


5. While you let it cook for a few more minutes in the pan, drain your broccolis.


6. By now, your rice is ready. Pour in desired amount of rice to container. I just made mine half of what I cooked.


7. Add broccoli


8. Then add your preferred viand. Mine is adobo.


There’s extra rice so I have something to leave at home.


I have three meals to bring to work today: red fried rice + broccoli + adobo for lunch, salad for snack time, baked sweet potatoes + mixed veggies + chicken for dinner.


While I let what I cooked cool down, I prepared my breakfast. Oats.


I added black chia seeds and cinnamon powder just like what my sister does.



Before I bought the red rice, I researched on which one am I going to get ย more nutrients from, red or brown rice?ย This is what people onย has to say:

Red Rice: This rice has an antioxidant pigment called anthocyanins. This antioxidant is beneficial to reduce symptoms of inflammation, allergy relief, cancer prevention and weight loss management. Aside from that, red rice is packed with nutrients such as B-vitamins, iron, calcium and zinc. The B-vitamins are known to be essential to the body as it is present in all organ function and energy production. Calcium is needed for bone health, Iron for blood supply and Zinc for brain function.

Brown Rice: Brown rice is said to be rich in vitamins and minerals including B-vitamins and magnesium, manganese and selenium. The B-vitamins that is contained in brown rice have similar benefits to red rice. Manganese is good to promote regular metabolism while magnesium contribute to healthy bones and teeth. Selenium is a mineral that works like antioxidant, protecting the body from infections.

Red Rice or Brown Rice? This can be chosen both, or look into your target needs. Red rice is rich in antioxidant, good for people who want to prioritize weight management and immune system enhancement. For more prevention and over-all wellness, it is good to consider brown rice as it has more nutrients to maintain a healthy weight and good nutrient profile.

I know that both brown and red rice wouldn’t be as delicious as white rice. I wanted to try both but for now I decided to try red rice since I haven’t tried it yet.


For 800 grams of red rice is Php. 95.00 and 100 grams is Php 11.88. I broughtย half so that’s Php 5.94.

Broccoli is Php 129.00. I used about a quarter of that so Php 32.25.

Mixed Veggies – 200 grams is Php 22.50. So Php 11.25.

Adobo? Well, Mama cooked it so FREE? ๐Ÿ˜›

That would be Php. 5.94 + 32.25 + 11.25 = Php 49.44

What do you think? ๐Ÿ™‚